About Shelly Collins

Shelly Collins is a productivity coach who works with adults with ADHD to create the consistent and sustained change necessary to achieve greater success. She is also the co-host of the Translating ADHD podcast. Shelly discovered that she had undiagnosed ADHD entirely by accident in 2014. She was working in her first business as a professional organizer when she attended a conference session on working with ADHD clients. She always knew that there was something different about her that made it harder to do the things she wanted to do, and learning that there was a real reason that she struggles with the things that seem easy for others was the first step in creating the change she was seeking. Shelly’s hands-on experiences as a professional organizer working with ADHD clients taught her that the biggest challenge that adults with ADHD experience is not disorganization itself but creating and sustaining change. Today she presents, coaches, collaborates, and podcasts on creating and sustaining meaningful change as an adult with ADHD.
Check out my podcast Translating ADHD! TranslatingADHD.com

Meet Gateway Organizers: Your Gateway to Success!

After months of work behind the scenes, we are thrilled to introduce you to Gateway Organizers. We are an organizing team founded by three experienced professional organizers, and we want to be your gateway to success! Who is Gateway Organizers? Gateway Organizers is a three partner team: Shannon Tamme (formerly of Shannon Tamme, LLC), Shelly [...]

Launching A New Brand: Productivity Lessons

[Written by Gateway Productivity co-founder, Shelly Collins, for her previous company] First of all, if you are reading this... welcome to the new Clutter Contained! As a professional organizer + productivity coach who specializes in working with other small business owners, I am always looking for learning opportunities in my own business. In four [...]

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