Productivity + Organizing for Business

The Productivity Process for Business

Letting someone into your business to discuss your productivity + organizing challenges is a big deal! During your free call, we will get to know each other to see if we are a good fit to work together. Your call is 100% no obligation – we are here to answer your questions and to begin to talk you through the process of organizing your space and getting your productivity back on track. If you’re ready to take the next step, schedule your call now!

Your planning session is a 2-3 hour appointment. We will meet together in your office or work space, either in person or virtually through Skype. We will begin our session with a brief coaching session to explore your vision for our work together, then we will walk through your space and discuss in detail what work needs to be done and what your organizing vision looks like. Together, we will create a step by step plan of action to get you where you want to be. Your action plan is delivered to you in writing and is yours to work through on your own or with our help.

Using your written action plan as our guide, we will start to do the work necessary to reach your goals. The amount of time we spend working together and the type of work we do will vary, depending on how we decide together to approach your project.
Jennifer is not only knowledgeable, she is also so patient and a master at helping you customize a system that will work way after she leaves your computer. Jennifer has such integrity – she follows through on what she promises and has a great way of getting to the heart of what is really going on with email and how to solve the problems quickly. I love her so!
Maureen Wielansky, Savor You - St. Louis, MO

Productivity + Organizing Services for Business

Is your desk working for you, or against you?

The heart of any productive office is a hard working desk. It’s time to make sure your desk is pulling it’s weight.

Together we will…

  • Design desktop action systems for paper + projects
  • Develop systems for incoming items + to-do’s
  • Organize your supplies so what you need most often is right at hand
  • Develop new habits + routines to keep your desk clear

Is email overwhelm or digital file disorganization dragging you down?

You need a plan to turn your technology into a time saving tool.

Together we will…

  • Discuss how your electronic library and inbox need to function
  • Create a systematized folder structure for your email and digital files
  • Design systems for your incoming digital tasks
  • Create new habits + routines to make maintaining your digital systems effortless

Are your paper piles looking more like paper towers?

You need to be able to put your hands on your important papers when you need them.

Together we will…

  • Design systems for your incoming paper
  • Create space for your important documents
  • Design filing systems that are intuitive
  • Create new habits + routines to make maintaining your paper systems effortless

Are inefficient systems wrecking the productivity of your team?

A team that runs well needs a collaborative approach to solve productivity and organizing challenges.

Together we will…

  • Meet with the entire team to identify productivity goals and current challenges
  • Discover and eliminate inefficiencies, duplicate work, and unnecessary processes
  • Simplify and standardize processes so your entire team is on the same page
  • Document processes for new hires and staff changes to keep your team on track

Are you losing track of important to-dos?

You need a system to make sure you get things done.

Together we will…

  • Design systems for task management to capture and conquer to-dos
  • Discover personal productivity pitfalls and design new habits to boost productivity
  • Develop new habits + routines for the recurring tasks in your work day
  • Implement planning tools to keep long term projects and goals on track
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