ADHD + Productivity Coaching

The Coaching Process

Making the decision to hire a coach for ADHD or productivity challenges is a big step! During your free call, we will get to know each other to see if we are a good fit to work together. Your call is 100% no obligation – We will begin to explore your coaching goals and discuss how I work for you as your coach. If you’re ready to take the next step, schedule your call now!

Our first coaching session will be centered on discovery. Together we will discuss your goals for our coaching work together, your motivations for our work, and what your big picture goal is for our time together. Depending on your needs, we may decide together to have you complete relevant self-discovery exercises to give us a strong foundation for our future coaching sessions.
We will take the big picture goal we discussed during our discovery session and begin to break it down into manageable pieces. You will bring a relevant topic to each of our sessions, and together we will explore this topic in depth and work to move you forward with new awareness and understanding. With my support as your coach, you will self-design actions based on your learning during our session. Coaching sessions are booked monthly. We will meet via phone or Skype three times per month, and email support is provided between sessions.
More than just helping someone get organized, Shelly helps you discover the panic-free, completely organized part of you that got buried under a pile of mental tasks. Shelly helped me realize that there are things in my life that I do that help me retain focus and accomplish tasks. I just had to discover them and learn to do them intentionally.
Frank M. Taylor, Bloomington, IL

Possibilities Through Coaching

Do you feel that you could get more done if you just had the right support?

Together we will…

  • Co-create a coaching relationship that is supportive for you
  • Identify supportive people, actions, and environments you need to be successful
  • Discover accountability methods that motivate you to action

Do you want to understand how to work with your ADHD?

Together we will…

  • Learn how ADHD shows up for you: where it helps and where it hinders
  • Discover past approaches that have worked for you that we can implement in new ways
  • Design actions to help you develop new systems + habits

Are productivity problems getting in the way of achieving your goals?

Together we will…

  • Determine your big picture goal for our work together
  • Prioritize your goals based on what is important now
  • Design actions that support your goals

Do you want to understand why your current systems aren’t working?

Together we will…

  • Explore what is and is not working for you currently
  • Discover and work with limiting perspectives you may have
  • Discover and work with your strengths, values, and needs

Are you struggling to keep on top of your day-to-day?

Together we will…

  • Discuss what is getting in the way of getting things done
  • Design actions to help you develop new systems + habits
  • Explore opportunities to use your strengths to anchor new systems + habits
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