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Self-Employed St. Louis (SESTL)

We all know that being self-employed can be challenging and isolating. Self-Employed St. Louis (SESTL) believes that every self-employed professional deserves to be regularly inspired, educated, and supported by a friendly and knowledgeable group of peers.

We combat the common feelings of isolation and working in a vacuum by creating a community of motivated business owners who provide learning opportunities for one another and foster idea sharing and group problem solving. 

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Friday, October 5 2018 | 11:30am-1:30pm

Kirkwood Brewing Station: 105 E Jefferson Ave, Kirkwood, MO

Get The Most From Your Strengths 

Strengths are the unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills that every person possesses. People use these innate traits and abilities in their daily lives to complete their work, to relate with others, and to achieve their goals. But most people don’t know what their strengths are or have the opportunity to use them to their advantage.

People who do focus on their strengths every day are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs. They are more productive too, both individually and in teams. And they are more than three times as likely to say they have an excellent quality of life. Discovering and developing your strengths positions you to do what you do best every day.

Deryk Rieves of LDA Consulting will lead this experience into strength discovery. You can find out more about Deryk at

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Friday, November 2 2018 | 11:30am-1:30pm

Kirkwood Brewing Station: 105 E Jefferson Ave, Kirkwood, MO

From Computer Confusion to Clarity 

When you’re not naturally tech-savvy, the computer is a frustrating and confusing maze. During this informative presentation, guided by Jennifer Stewart of Gateway Productivity, discover ways to navigate that computer maze and save time.

You will learn:
*  Effective ways to organize your files and emails
*  Shortcuts and favorites tools you never knew existed
*  Ways to focus when technology pulls you in multiple directions

Reduce frustration and increase productivity with the tools and ideas you will have once we’re done!

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Friday, December 7 2018 | 11:30am-1:30pm

Kirkwood Brewing Station: 105 E Jefferson Ave, Kirkwood, MO

Hot Seat Coaching to Get You Un-Stuck 

As self-employed business owners, we can get caught up in our own heads, and we need help seeing the full picture when it comes to our challenges. Self-Employed St. Louis is a fantastic place to brainstorm with like-minded entrepreneurs about your challenges, and this meeting is all about the challenge of follow-up.

You’ve been there – sitting at your desk, going through the motions, until suddenly you remember that networking person you were supposed to call, and that client you were supposed to email. Why is follow-up so hard for most of us? Get ready for some mind-blowing revelations as Shelly Collins of Gateway Productivity coaches a couple of our Self-Employed St. Louis attendees on their follow-up challenges. We will all participate in the discussion, and you’re sure to come away with some great ideas that you can implement in your business!

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Friday, January 4 2019 | 11:30am-1:30pm

Kirkwood Brewing Station: 105 E Jefferson Ave, Kirkwood, MO

Taming Technostress: Striving for Work Life Balance in a 24/7 World

Technology has made it possible to stay connected with work and the world 24/7. This creates imbalance for many of us, which leads to unhappiness, unhealthiness, poor work performance and relationship strain. This workshop, led by Holistic Wellness Coach Mary Shackelford, will provide participants with information to support them in gaining understanding related to work/life integration pitfalls and a clearer insight into their own personal challenges with maintaining a sense of balance. Participants will learns key strategies they can begin to use immediately at home and work to begin to establish and keep more balance in their life. The discussion topics to be covered include:
**Technology: Managing your world of 24/7 connections
**Establishing Boundaries and Priorities at home and work
**Self-Care strategies for renewal and rejuvenation

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Friday, February 1 2019 | 11:30am-1:30pm

Kirkwood Brewing Station: 105 E Jefferson Ave, Kirkwood, MO

Tax Time – It’s Baaack! And It’s Changed.

Tax returns are not most people’s favorite part of owning a business. And this year there are some rule changes. Andy Magnus, former IRS Agent and owner of ProActive Tax Pros LLC, has a unique perspective and an ability to make taxes simple, interesting and fun. You will walk away with some good pointers that could cut down your tax bill. Don’t miss this presentation and the excellent networking that goes with it.

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Is SESTL for you?

If you are a freelancer, sole proprietor, or a small business owner with 1-5 employees in the St. Louis Metro area we welcome you to join us to network and share your own knowledge in marketing, time management, sales, and other key issues.

If you are thinking about starting your own business, we would love to share our experiences and resources to support you in your journey.

What are your meetings like?

SESTL is a monthly networking lunch and mastermind group. Every meeting includes ample time for networking and sharing knowledge with your fellow self-employed professionals. Each meeting also includes an hour program featuring a speaker or facilitator who will bring relevant educational content, deliver actionable ideas, or facilitate group mastermind exercises.

Do I have to become a member?

Nope! As self-employed business owners we understand that your time is a limited and precious resource, and we want you to keep coming back because you love the group… not because you’re obligated!  Simply register and pay your $20 registration fee (which includes lunch) for the meetings you plan to attend!