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Shelly Collins is a productivity coach who works with adults with ADHD to create the consistent and sustained change necessary to achieve greater success. She is also the co-host of the Translating ADHD podcast. Shelly discovered that she had undiagnosed ADHD entirely by accident in 2014. She was working in her first business as a professional organizer when she attended a conference session on working with ADHD clients. She always knew that there was something different about her that made it harder to do the things she wanted to do, and learning that there was a real reason that she struggles with the things that seem easy for others was the first step in creating the change she was seeking. Shelly’s hands-on experiences as a professional organizer working with ADHD clients taught her that the biggest challenge that adults with ADHD experience is not disorganization itself but creating and sustaining change. Today she presents, coaches, collaborates, and podcasts on creating and sustaining meaningful change as an adult with ADHD.
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Fail More, Learn More

Failure can be your best teacher, but nobody likes to fail. How can we resolve these two things so that you can learn from your failures without feeling like one? Consider using different language to reframe your failures as learning opportunities. With my coaching clients, we call this the Learning/Action Model. Each week, a client [...]

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5 ADHD Tips That Can Help Us All

We often hear people say in passing "I must have ADHD" when they do something that they think is an ADHD tendency. The reality is that ADHD is different for everyone who has it. Some people with ADHD will have a hard time focusing, some will have a hard time stopping their focus, and most [...]

When to Let Go

If you find yourself constantly putting out fires and reacting to what is happening rather than taking proactive action, you likely need to consider how you can delegate or outsource some of your workload. For entrepreneurs, this is especially important because you need the time to work ON your business, to do the high value, [...]

Productive Networking

With the cooling autumn weather and a fresh new season, why not set a fresh goal to get out there and network more? Give your business one big final push before the end of the year arrives. If your networking experiences are anything like ours, you often leave feeling invigorated, motivated, and with a stack [...]

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Work Teams: Email Less, Slack More

Email chains are painful, aren't they? Your inbox is overwhelming, it isn't always clear what you're supposed to respond to and what you can delete, and prioritizing is a nightmare. While you can't eliminate email from your clients, prospects, and vendors, you can make your work team operate entirely outside of your inbox.   Enter Slack Slack [...]

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