Speaking + Training

The Speaking + Training Process

You need dynamic content for your group that delivers actionable solutions to your most pressing productivity + organizing challenges. During your free call, we will get to know you and the group we will be presenting to so that we can recommend the best content for your group’s goals, needs, and budget.

Leading up to your event, we will work together to craft powerful questions for your group so that we can revise our content to speak directly to the challenges in the room. If we are working on a custom presentation or workshop, we will communicate with you as we develop our materials to ensure that we are delivering content that is compelling, relevant, and actionable for your group.

As productivity professionals, we will arrive on the day of your event with everything we need (and multiple backups)! For presentations or workshops that are at least an hour in length, we will take ample time during the presentation to discuss questions and observations in the room and to talk about how we can apply the productivity + organizing concepts, models, and ideas we are sharing to the real life scenarios of your group’s participants.

You had some great tips on managing email at the Self-Employed St. Louis lunch today. Thank you for sharing. Your stories made me feel pretty good since I only had about 50 emails in my business inbox. You inspired me to cut it down to six this afternoon–all things I need to deal with Monday.

Speaking + Training Topics

Have you tried every task app and planner available to no avail?

The secret to time management is this: It is about the habits, not the tools. In three steps, you will learn time management habits to capture, prioritize, and complete your tasks and projects.

Is your desk or workspace working for you, or against you?

Learn strategies to organize your papers and work space so that you can find what you need when you need it.

Does your inbox feel like a bottomless pit?

Learn three strategies that will make email work for you, instead of you working so hard on your email. Discover how folders, filters, and follow-through can eliminate your email overwhelm.

Has your get up and go got up and gone?

Learn how to create a to-do list and action plan that will prevent procrastination and get you off of the hamster wheel of inefficiency once and for all!

Is using your computer like pulling teeth?

When you’re not naturally tech-savvy, the computer is a frustrating and confusing maze. Learn how to navigate that maze with training on how to organize your computer files and set up quick access to folder and websites and learn strategies to find your focus when technology pulls your attention in multiple directions.

We love working with groups to deliver the content they need!

The above is a snapshot of our most sought after presentations. If you don’t see what you are looking for, reach out and let us know what your group needs! Here are some of the custom presentations + workshops we’ve given recently:

  • Project Management for Academia
  • Goal Setting + Strategic Planning
  • Productivity for Work Teams
  • Training on Google Apps, Outlook, and Slack for Organizations
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