I’ve struggled a great deal in finding and setting priorities in my work life and in managing the many side projects that I have going on. Some people naturally have that ability to self-organize, and some don’t. For those that don’t, they need a Shelly in their lives.

Shelly has a natural ability to listen to someone’s organizational challenges, and make them seem like mole-hills instead of mountains. It’s because she helps you break those down into small and logical steps, where all you could see is a giant mass of panic.

More than just helping someone get organized, Shelly helps you discover the panic-free, completely organized part of you that got buried under a pile of mental tasks. Shelly helped me realize that there are things in my life that I do that help me retain focus and accomplish tasks. I just had to discover them and learn to do them intentionally.

With Shelly’s amazing help, I was able to balance work, a side project, preparation for an overseas lecture, and a hackathon. Without her, none would have been successful, but with her, work was happy, the lecture was a hit, and I won first place.

Five out of five stars. Would definitely recommend.

Frank M. Taylor, Bloomington, IL
Jennifer has a very calm manner that both motivates and instills confidence. She has loads of practical strategies that truly boost your efficiency. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to learn from her- I highly recommend her.
When I hired Shelly to help me get my office organized, one of my goals was to be able to more easily locate things I had stashed in the 20′ x 4′ storage closet in my office over the past ten years. The other day I was jumping up and down when I needed an important document and I knew exactly where to find it. Shelly made this daunting task almost fun. The pain of when I first started this project is ABSOLUTELY gone!
When I met Jennifer, I was a new startup business in desperate need of administrative assistance. I needed someone to help create systems, procedures and facilitate in creating order where there wasn’t any. I decided that Microsoft Outlook would be the right solution for me. Although I could navigate some of the features, I was barely utilizing it to its full capacity. Needless to say I was overwhelmed and so was my email, contact database and calendar. Jennifer took the time to understand my business, listened to what I hoped to accomplish, helped identify the best starting point and my most immediate needs and very patiently and methodically walked me through the steps to setup a system that fit me and my business. Jennifer is knowledgeable, methodical, patient. We sat side-by-side through every step until I was comfortable with moving forward alone. What seemed overwhelming to me was simplified and very comprehensive thanks to Jennifer’s professionalism and PATIENCE.
Shelly – You have made a very BIG & Wonderful difference in my home-office life!

Prior to hiring you, I never would have believed that I “Needed You” – a Professional Organizer –after all I am a tenured and Extremely Organized Mortgage Loan Officer, having current systems in place that allow me to be a Step-Ahead of my clients’ needs to always Exceed their Expectations!

However, my home-office was beginning to look more like an office – not a pretty sight. But with your Listening skills and Expertise, you patiently worked WITH me over several sessions, to come up with additional organizational systems customized to my need. You transformed my office back into a home-office.

My new home-office now reflects the rest of my home’s décor very nicely. And I have TONS of room to work in. My “paper claustrophobia” is all gone. My wonderful husband of 40 years was also very pleased with Shelly’s results and the fact that “Shelly is much more economical than a Marriage Counselor!!”


Even though I am pretty organized, my computer was a mess! I was deleting emails because I couldn’t stand looking at them and I was missing important documents. In addition, I was wasting precious time looking for documents and emails. It was frustrating and time-consuming! After working with Jennifer, like everything in our house having its place, my email and documents all have a place to land and to live. I have more focus now and I save tons of time searching for documents.

Jennifer is not only knowledgeable, she is also so patient and a master at helping you customize a system that will work way after she leaves your computer. Jennifer has such integrity – she follows through on what she promises and has a great way of getting to the heart of what is really going on with email and how to solve the problems quickly. I love her so!

Maureen Wilansky, Savor You - St. Louis, MO
Thanks for helping me out and showing me the way! Things are already running quite a bit more smoothly!
I hired Jennifer because I felt so out of control with my computer files, which was making me very frustrated and unproductive. She helped me get my file cabinets to match up within my emails, word documents, and my hard copies. She also helped get my computer and phone to “talk” to each other.

Jennifer has made my life less stressful! I can actually find the information that I’m looking for. She is patient and had a way of simplifying my problems. I highly recommend Jennifer to help organize your messes!!

Shelly did a great job working with me to bring order to the chaos my basement had been since moving in! It was transformed from a scary and depressing place to a place I actually enjoy working and relaxing in! We then went on to attack closets, cabinets and drawers with equally impressive results! The best thing was the changes have all been sustainable and have saved me endless time hunting for things!
Nancy Rawson, Chesterfield, MO
Even though I consider myself relatively tech-savvy, I knew I was not maximizing the benefit of technology in my business. I hired Jennifer to help me streamline how I use technology to make my business more efficient and effective. As I explained what I was frustrated with, she instantly understood and was able to explain easy to implement changes. I highly recommend Jennifer for her patience, her insight and her vast knowledge of computer software.
After our last meeting, I really went to town and started digging in. Honestly, Shelly, I feel confident that I’ve got a handle on the “mountain of projects” that I faced when we first met. Thank you so much for all of your help. You were certainly a breath of fresh air and the inspiration for my accomplishments! I will always highly recommend your services!
Gerri Downen, St. Charles, MO
You had some great tips on managing email at the Self-Employed St. Louis lunch today. Thank you for sharing. Your stories made me feel pretty good since I only had about 50 emails in my business inbox. You inspired me to cut it down to six this afternoon–all things I need to deal with Monday.
Shelly has been an answer to many prayers! Got my phone up and running… Shelly shortened my learning curve by a year… at least!
Penny Love, Birmingham, AL
I’ve been working with Jennifer for almost three years now. I first met Jennifer when she gave a presentation to a networking group of professional women.

Her presentation addressed email overload and how best to manage the daily email traffic and save time. Some of the tips she gave were so enlightening and helped me so much so that I asked her to give the same presentation to the staff members at the office. They too benefited and immediately implemented some of her ideas and recommendations.

Since that time I have asked Jennifer to speak to several other networking groups with the same results. If you are struggling with some computer issues and need help, I would highly recommend you give Jennifer a call. Jennifer makes navigating our daily computer tasks so much easier and faster, and she is just a delight to work with.

Jennifer becomes your co-partner and will carefully assess your unique situation. After understanding the scope of my needs, she got right to work helping me sort and organize in a sensible fashion that helped me reach my end goal. Since I’m easily distracted, I particularly appreciated that Jennifer patiently yet firmly kept my project moving forward, never judging when I got off task. I highly recommend working with Jennifer!
Katrina Priese, St. Louis, MO