Staying productive during the holidays can be a nightmare. You have that huge list of things to do outside of work, so how can you focus and stay productive at work? Here are 5 tips to increase productivity during the holidays so you can enjoy yourself and still get things done.

1. Consider or ask for more flexible hours at work to allow time for family events, personal obligations, and shopping. If you have vacation and are able to use it, great! If not, maybe your employer will allow you to work earlier or later on certain days so you can maintain your 40 hour work week.

2. Set realistic goals. Make a list of your tasks, then determine your priorities and what tasks can be put on hold.

3. Create a teamwork culture in the workplace. Are there ways to incorporate friendly competition towards meeting team goals? Incorporating a team approach to projects will help with stress levels. Divide and conquer!

4. Maintain focus to accomplish your tasks. Set 20 minute time blocks to manage your time more effectively. Try working for 20 minutes, take a few breaths and maybe a 5 minute break, and then go back to the task to stay refreshed and prevent overwhelm.

5. BREATHE. It’s important to take a moment when you are feeling overwhelmed to take 3-5 deep breaths. This forces you to take a break, keep a fresh perspective and not feel overwhelmed.