Productivity in “The Cloud”

What is "The Cloud" anyway?? It's much simpler than most people realize: It is almost anything that exists online (on the internet). Your email is in the cloud, Facebook is in the cloud, Netflix is in the cloud, and any other program you use through a website. Those websites have servers (master computers) that store [...]

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5 ADHD Tips That Can Help Us All

We often hear people say in passing "I must have ADHD" when they do something that they think is an ADHD tendency. The reality is that ADHD is different for everyone who has it. Some people with ADHD will have a hard time focusing, some will have a hard time stopping their focus, and most [...]

One of the Best Shortcuts EVER!

Do you find yourself constantly opening 20 windows on your computer and flipping between them over and over all day long? It may not feel like you're losing productivity while that's happening, but you could be losing several minutes every day as you bounce around to find what you're looking for. This adds up to [...]

Never Lose a Computer File Again!

We've all had the problem of creating several versions of a document and then digging through them to find the one we're looking for, right? The best way to solve this is through the use of naming conventions. You need to assign categories, dates, and other specific identifying data to files to easily keep track of [...]

Spring Cleaning for your Technology

Why do we spring clean our house, our Facebook friends, and our yards but not our technology?  We spend time going through paperwork and clothes to get rid of the old and make way for the new, and we should do the same with electronic files (documents, photos, etc.), email and apps. Electronic files Documents: You [...]

When to Let Go

If you find yourself constantly putting out fires and reacting to what is happening rather than taking proactive action, you likely need to consider how you can delegate or outsource some of your workload. For entrepreneurs, this is especially important because you need the time to work ON your business, to do the high value, [...]

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5 Tips to Increase Productivity at Work During the Holidays

Staying productive during the holidays can be a nightmare. You have that huge list of things to do outside of work, so how can you focus and stay productive at work? Here are 5 tips to increase productivity during the holidays so you can enjoy yourself and still get things done. 1. Consider or ask [...]

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Productive Networking

With the cooling autumn weather and a fresh new season, why not set a fresh goal to get out there and network more? Give your business one big final push before the end of the year arrives. If your networking experiences are anything like ours, you often leave feeling invigorated, motivated, and with a stack [...]

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