Is it really worth it to take a vacation?  Do you dread all the work that comes when you get back?

I just went on vacation for two weeks, and although I feel much more refreshed, it is overwhelming to return to an overflowing inbox, projects half done and tons of people to call.  How do you prioritize your to-do’s when you get back?  Here are 3 suggestions to have you working smarter the minute you come home:


  1. Try Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Matrix to prioritize your to-do’s









  1. Set your top 3 goals for your first day back (maybe those urgent & important items from the quadrants) and do only tasks to support those goals until they are complete.


  1. Break the larger projects and tasks into pieces and schedule time through the day to work on the pieces.


Going on vacation should be a reward for all your hard work and a time to relax.  Put these 3 ideas into action so you can escape during your next vacation and be in control when you return.