Email is still proven to be the biggest use of time for most business owners and executives. How can you get your email back under control when it’s become such a time hog? Implement one or two of the following tips to start feeling relief from your email overwhelm.

1. Most people spend at least 8 hours a week on email. That’s an entire day of your time! Reduce your total time spent by only allowing yourself to check email at certain times each day.

2. Use a timer when you’re working through your email (or anything else!) It will hold you accountable.

3. ALWAYS look over your emails before sending them. It’s worth your time to protect your good image and find any potential confusion before it’s too late.

4. Use ‘rules’ or ‘filters’ to immediately push certain emails to folders to keep your inbox from overflowing.

5. Use your subject line wisely. Give recipients necessary information, such as “Please reply by 1pm 10/20” or “FYI only” so that they can be more productive, and you can be, too, when they get back to you on time.