Happy New Year

Are you someone who makes exciting resolutions that seem doable at the time, but by February, you’ve given up? Here’s a great article from Women’s Health to help you make more sustainable (and meaningful) resolutions: 45 New Year’s Resolution Ideas That Will Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet

Or maybe you’re someone who has done the whole resolution thing before, and it never seems to work for you. Don’t feel guilty or beat yourself up! Read this article from Pocket Mindfulness to see why other people agree with you: Why Not to Set a New Year’s Resolution & What to Do Instead

Choose the option that makes the most sense for you in your life at this moment. If you choose to make resolutions, make them specific, and there’s nothing wrong with starting small. Remember that resolutions almost always involve habit changes, and those take 90 days to become deep-seated into your daily routine.

Good luck to you, and have a joyful, successful 2020!