Imagine that next month you suddenly get an unexpected huge inflow of clients from a marketing piece you created. Will you be overwhelmed by the number of new folders and documents you need to create to service those clients? Did you know that you can create sets of folders and documents as templates so that it’s as easy as copy and paste?
If you are constantly creating the same set of folders and documents for each client or vendor (or some other situation), you can create one folder set template that can be used over and over.
Here are the steps:

  1. Create your primary folder
    • Call it something generic (like “Client”, “Vendor” or “Template”)
    • You may want to put a symbol at the beginning, such as * or @, to make the folder stay at the top
  2. Then create your nested folders (folders within the primary folder)
    • Call them what you would normally call them (i.e. “Invoices”, “Orders”, “Contracts”, etc.).
  3. Within the primary and/or nested folders, add the appropriate document templates where applicable
  4. The next time you need to add a new set of folders, copy this folder set template and paste it wherever you need it (‘right click’ on the primary folder to copy – the entire folder set will be copied)