This week is bringing some realizations to light for me:

  • I am realizing that the limits I used to have for getting things done and being productive are no longer limits I can sustain.
    • I cannot get as much done in a day as I used to. What does that mean for me and my business?
    • I will be considering what I can do to reestablish limits that work for my current situation.
  • I am realizing that in order to keep my sanity, I need additional boundaries put into my calendar.
    • The original boundaries I put in place are wonderful, and I will keep those, but I need more guidance in my calendar to keep myself healthy.
    • I will be considering what my ideal schedule looks like at this point in my life and putting my boundaries into place.
  • I am realizing that my priorities are changing, and so should my productivity expectations. 
    • My concept of success has shifted as I have grown, and there must also be a shift in my mindset as to what productive means NOW versus years ago.
    • I will be considering how my new meaning of productive affects my life and business.

These are things I will continue to think and journal about over the next month.
What are your productivity limits? How have they changed over the years?