This is a question I get asked by almost every client I work with.  They want to know if I’ll make them “go electronic.”  The answer is that everyone’s needs are different.  The first thing I ask clients is “Do you gravitate towards paper” (for calendars, to-do’s, etc.)  If the answer is decidedly “yes”, then I don’t recommend that you move to an electronic calendar.  If you naturally work best by writing things down, then that won’t change.  If you try to go electronic, then you won’t stick to it, and you’ll blame yourself for the failure when it’s not your fault.

Although some companies will need you to have an electronic calendar, it is okay to also have a paper calendar for you to stay organized personally. Duplicate calendars aren’t ideal, but it’s what you may need to do to stay on top of things. Another option is to print your schedule from the electronic calendar each day.  That way you have a paper copy to write on and hold.

Every person learns and remembers differently.  Here are some examples:

  • Visual learners – they may flourish with an electronic calendar unless they are wary of technology, and there’s nothing wrong with that
  • Kinesthetic (touch & emotion) learners – they will most likely need to write things down on paper, and those who are technology savvy may be able to do a combination of paper and electronic
  • Auditory learners – they may need to have a system where they can speak appointments into an electronic device (or have the device read what is entered) or tell an assistant to put things on their schedule…having something said out loud will help them to remember and plan

The main thing to remember is that nothing is wrong with you or your system if it truly works for you. Don’t think that just because many things in the world are going electronic that you have to do so as well.  Have an honest conversation with yourself about what your needs are in your calendar system, and figure out which options best fit your needs.