I was doing a little professional development and started a course by Tony Robbins. It’s called “The Time of Your Life.” Literally 5 minutes in, I had a mind-blowing moment. Tony talked about making sure that no matter what we do, we should know what we want. It’s the next thing he said that gave me pause: Know what you want every moment – what do you really want, what is the outcome you want, for the next year, the next project, the next 10 minutes?! He mentioned that we so often run our lives based on what others want (emails, phone calls, tasks handed to us, etc.) that it can be hard to know what we really, truly want for ourselves. It takes dedicated time to figure it out, but won’t it be worth it to have renewed motivation and energy behind what we’re doing because it’s what we want to do?

I had previously watched a training by Dean Graziosi about rating (scale of 1-10) a fear that’s holding you back from doing something (especially something you want). Then he said to imagine that it’s the end of your life and you’re shown the life you could have led if you had pushed through the fears. He said to now go back to the original fear and give it a new rating with this knowledge. The fear’s not as big as the regret from not trying, right?

So, in my mind I’ve put this all together to say DREAM BIG! Imagine your perfect life with everything you want and go for it. Take one part at a time – start with the part that feels the most attainable – and live with no regret of what might have happened. If you have obstacles, which you will, then find ways to work through or step over them. Yes, it will be hard, but it’s worth the struggle to work towards your big dream. If you have people around you who don’t support your dreams, find new people who do and limit or eliminate your time with the nay-sayers.

I know it’s easy to say but seems impossible to do. However, I’d rather know I did everything I could to achieve my big dream than wonder what might have happened. What about you?

Please join me in dreaming big for the new year!