Today I want to share with you how long it has taken to get my virtual Group Training program off the ground. I want to be honest about this because hopefully you’ll see that whatever project or dream you’ve had simmering for years can still become a reality.

I have been in business since 2011, and the idea for group training came to me fairly early on. It made sense to offer in-person training opportunities to small groups of people. So I implemented several of those events early in my business. Some were well attended, some were a bust, but I learned invaluable lessons along the way:

  • I learned that I train better with smaller groups.
  • I learned that overloading people with information is never a good idea. 
  • I learned that even when no one signs up, it was worth the practice to market the event and find out what doesn’t work.

Since 2017, I’ve known I wanted to offer online training, but I was too scared/insecure/lacking confidence to do it. Now, 7 years later, I have launched my first official virtual Group Training program, and it took several other hard lessons learned to get to this point:

  • I learned that I have to believe in myself and stand out on my own to build the dream I want.
  • I learned that my connection with my clients and students is what sets me apart, and that is why my “peeps” are the most important thing to me in business.
  • I learned that I can, indeed, do virtual training effectively, which has opened up the entire world on my computer. Thanks, COVID!

If you have something you’ve dreamed of doing for years in your business (or in your life), is it time to jump in and make it happen?
What are the lessons you’ve learned that have honed your skills to make you the best person to carry out that dream? 

Good luck – you can do it!