10 Tips to Defeat the Avoidance Monster

Have you had the experience of avoiding a project over and over and having no idea why? Me, too. Avoidance is a common behavior when we feel overwhelmed or anxious about a project. Here are 5 tips to help you stop avoiding:   Break it down Sometimes a project can feel overwhelming when viewed as [...]

16 Ways to be Kind to Yourself as a Business Owner

This year has been all about health for me: Reducing the hours I work, joining a gym with my husband and finding a therapist are some of the big changes I've made. However, I don't always remember that adding new things, healthy things, to my daily and weekly routines means that I don't have [...]

How to Change Your Download Settings

I have worked with countless clients who have the hardest time finding files after they download them from the internet. Can you relate? The moment someone mentions a downloads issue, I immediately teach them this little-known secret in the technology world: You can change a setting in your web browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari) [...]

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