5 Tips to Increase Productivity at Work During the Holidays

Staying productive during the holidays can be a nightmare. You have that huge list of things to do outside of work, so how can you focus and stay productive at work? Here are 5 tips to increase productivity during the holidays so you can enjoy yourself and still get things done. 1. Consider or [...]

The Pomodoro Technique®: Find Your Flow

The Pomodoro Technique® just might be one of my favorite time management tools, and not just because it features a lovely vegetable (or wait, is it a fruit?) shaped kitchen timer as its hallmark. For those unfamiliar, the Pomodoro Technique® is ridiculously simple. The idea is to break your work down into 25 minute [...]

Done is Better Than Perfect

For most of my life, I have completely avoided the task of painting. I'm so bad at it that even when I offer to help I am usually dismissed from the task fairly quickly. Our 1970s home has trim sorely in need of painting. The rest of the house was freshly painted (by a painter, [...]

Six Ways to Take Control of Your Time

Procrastination is the easiest thing in the world to do; that's why so many of us are guilty of it. And some of the most procrastinated projects are cleaning and organizing. The reasons we procrastinate vary but generally breakdown to disorganization or dislike of the project. While we can't make unpleasant tasks more pleasant, [...]

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