Do you have to use an electronic calendar?

This is a question I get asked by almost every client I work with.  They want to know if I’ll make them “go electronic.”  The answer is that everyone’s needs are different.  The first thing I ask clients is “Do you gravitate towards paper” (for calendars, to-do’s, etc.)  If the answer is decidedly “yes”, [...]

Work Teams: Email Less, Slack More

Email chains are painful, aren't they? Your inbox is overwhelming, it isn't always clear what you're supposed to respond to and what you can delete, and prioritizing is a nightmare. While you can't eliminate email from your clients, prospects, and vendors, you can make your work team operate entirely outside of your inbox. Enter Slack Slack [...]

Six Ways to Take Control of Your Time

Procrastination is the easiest thing in the world to do; that's why so many of us are guilty of it. And some of the most procrastinated projects are cleaning and organizing. The reasons we procrastinate vary but generally breakdown to disorganization or dislike of the project. While we can't make unpleasant tasks more pleasant, [...]

3 Ways to Keep Technology from Destroying Your Productivity

Technology solutions can be great for productivity, but they can also cause distractions. Follow these simple steps to get all of the productivity benefits from your technology solutions without destroying your productivity! 1. Check and respond to email at set times.  Checking and responding to emails as soon as they arrive is detrimental to [...]

The Power of Routines

People who are resistant to setting up routines often tell me that they don't need them. They are afraid routines will tie them down and they are hesitant to commit to doing things the same way each week. I will fully admit that I was resistant to establishing routines myself for these reasons. Plus, [...]

Forget The “Touch It Once” Rule!

The "touch it once" rule has long been the golden rule of paperwork. The idea is that when you pick up a piece of paper, you should immediately handle whatever action is associated with it. This keeps you from shuffling through the same stack of paper over and over again which saves a tremendous [...]

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